Hello! My name is Mon, but my full name is Mon Christian Torres Santa Cruz (pretty long name huh?). Some people call me Mon, and some people call me Christian, but most call me Mon. Currently, I am a grade 12 student attending Willion Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute

Some random facts about me are: I’m a fairly clumsy person; I’m very competitive; I love to eat, yet I barely gain weight; I’m constantly on Netflix (who isn’t?); Most days I stay home but when I don’t I hang out with friends; I listen to music almost 24/7; I can speak two different languages fluently. These are just some of the facts that fill up my day-to-day life.

This blog post is meant for talking about and answering blog prompts given to me my by IDC-ICT teacher, Ms. Cuttle. I’ll be posting prompts about how we learn, my experiences with technology, and other things assigned to me for this class.

I hope you enjoy looking and reading through my blog!