Blog Prompt #5: ICT Issues

Social media is a major driving factor in how the world is shaped today. It affects a huge portion of the population. The most common (and largest) example of social media is Facebook. Approximately one billion accounts have been registered on the social media platform. Facebook provides a free service that allows people around the world to connect with others in a broader way than just sending them a message and asking them how they are. This service is free, provided that the user has internet access. Many other social media outlets are accessible in the same manner. This allows a flood of users sharing videos, liking pictures, messaging their friends and families, etc…

Social media is a massive revolution. It allowed people to connect to their friends and family across the globe, or across the street. So long as they were connected with them on social media (such as being friends, or mutual followers), they would be up to date on the latest pictures or videos that their friends or family share or post. Everything I said so far about social media makes it sound like a perfect tool for communication right? Wrong. Social media has crippling flaws that users fall victim under without even realizing it. Most social media sites are designed to keep the users on them for as long as possible. The issue with these designs is that social media then becomes an attractive tool for procrastination. Social media is not an overall positive invention. One could argue that it is a double edged sword, only that one side of the sword is much, much sharper. That side of the sword is the negative side of the sword.

Procrastination is a gigantic issue that no one knows the solution to. The fact that studies found students mostly procrastinate by using social media doesn’t help. A large amount of the population using social media combined with the fact that it’s widely used as a tool for procrastination spells disaster. So why don’t we just abolish the problem altogether? The problem with that idea is that ever since the introduction of social media, the platforms have been growing and growing to such a large size. These social media giants can’t just disappear into thin air, especially because what they’re doing isn’t objectively a negative thing.


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