Blog Prompt #4: Placement Blog Entry

Q: Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?

A: Personally, I enjoyed the placement project. One of the reasons that I enjoyed it was because the amount of group work. Collaborating with five other people and a teacher was very enjoyable for me because there wasn’t too much work per person, on top of the fact that each person knew exactly what they were doing. The work wasn’t subjective. Another reason I enjoyed working on my placement was because I was working on the school website. Working on something is very satisfying when you see your own work in the future. Visiting the website in the future will allow me to see my own work and contributions to the website, as opposed to a generic essay, or a research project. Chances are that I will never see that essay or project ever again.

Q: What went well with your placement?

A: I think that the teacher and student communication was what went best with our placement. Since the teacher for our placement was the same as our IDCICT teacher, it was very easy to ask any questions and inquire about any problems when they arose.

Q: Do you consider your placement a success?

A: I would consider my placement somewhat of a success. Most components of the website that were assigned to be updated, added, or deleted were complete. There was one part on my end that I was unable to complete because of the lack of replies from the Staff Adviser and the President of the school newspaper “The Lyon”.

Q: Do you think the project is useful/has value for IDC students/teachers/students of placement teachers?

A: I think whether or not it is useful for any of the groups of people above is dependent on what the placement is for, and if the teacher who asked for the project actually uses the product of the project. For example, if the project was to set up a website for a teacher, and the teacher never actually uses the website, then it would be useless and have no value to anyone. But if the project was to update the school website, it would be very beneficial for many people because many people use the school website on a daily basis. Therefore, I think that this project is useful for people like Mac students, and teachers who use the school website.

Q: How could the project be improved for future IDC classes?

A: I think an aspect of the project that can be improved is the creation of the group itself. I think that the project being stuck to six members really limits the options for each member. If there were smaller groups, each member would be able to choose more freely on what component of the site that they would like to work on. A solution to this problem would be having smaller groups work on different sections of the website.

Another aspect that can be improved is the communication between students and the teachers and/or clubs that they need to contact to update some of the information required to be updated on the website. In my own experience, having to track down the email of “The Lyon” and then not receiving a reply was a lot of extra work that was for no use. A solution for this problem is contacting the teacher and/or clubs that have the info before assigning the work to make sure that they would be easily reachable and be able to be contacted by the students for the information that they need.



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