Blog Prompt #3: Learning Strategies Reaction

Q: How successful were you at implementing the strategy or technique? What helped or impeded your success?

A: To recall, the technique that I chose was the “Pomodoro technique”. I would say that I was fairly successful at implementing the technique. When I started to implement it, I actually followed the work schedule easily. I think this is because of the work to break time ratio was more in favored for break time. As time went on, that ratio started leaning more and more to the work side. When this happened, I started to become more lazy and started to not follow the work schedule as strictly.  In other words, I started to procrastinate more again. Although I didn’t procrastinate as often as before, but I still ended up doing my work.

The pressure to do the work because I had a work schedule to follow definitely helped with my procrastination problem. The position that I’m in right now after using the pomodoro technique isn’t exactly how I envisioned before I started implementing the technique, but I’m definitely in a better position that before.

Q: Did the strategy improve your learning or reduce your procrastination? What evidence do you have to support this claim?

A: The pomodoro technique definitely helped reduce my procrastination. My procrastination is still existent, but it’s to a lesser degree now than before I implemented this technique. Before I implemented this technique, I would almost always leave assignments and homework to do the day or night before it was due. In some cases with small assignments like small homework that wasn’t checked, I usually didn’t even do the work. When I implemented the technique, I started to do my work when it was assigned, as well as actually doing small assignments instead of just tossing them aside and forgetting about them.

Q: Will you continue this strategy? Why or why not?

A: I will continue this strategy because I found through the experiment that there was a very visible improvement with my time management and helped reduce my procrastination. Even though it’s hard to stay on track sometimes, I think that may have been due to rushing of the increase of work time to break time ratio. Overtime, I think that I’ll become accustomed to the work time, and learn to stay on track 100% of the time. Once I do, it would be very helpful for me at completing my tasks and assignments. It would reduce stress because I wouldn’t have so much to think about and to do on certain days.


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